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Feeling Lost

I had this feeling inside me where it keeps me trap in a place or situation where I can’t even figure out where and what it is… Something’s missing, that I can’t even figure it myself. I had a lot of things running in my mind which I wanted to accomplish but I don’t even have the guts to even take a first or sencond step. I’ve always been feeling hallow and I don’t even know why? I am married and had a son (2yrs old), my husband is working abroad which gives high wage that even if I don’t work it provides a lot of things needed for our family. I understand that we’re still on a stage where the usual family is starting to build little by little, but I started to sense boredom is banging on my way. What a life! I can’t even have the kind of job I desired to work to. I started to be impatient, and I keep on bringing negative remarks instead of being thankful… Aahhhgg, I need to recharge and determine myself for my baby’s sake…